Javits Center


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The Javits Center, named after native New Yorker and Senator and Congressman Jacob K Javits, swung open its doors in 1986. While its sprawling structure is indicative of a beautiful offering to the city residents, it represents a larger vision. The Javits Center stands as a model of progression and a structure of support, a meeting place for initiatives that propel the construction of a bright and brilliant future for the Empire State. “The self-sustaining New York Icon has become a wildlife sanctuary, community partner, and nationwide nexus where the latest ideas in business and pop culture converge under one green roof.”  As a result, it has become that envisioned extension for fulfilling the broader mission of playing an integral role in the revitalization and resurgence of New York City.

Jacob K. Javits

Who is Jacob K. Javits? Jacob K. Javits is the notable, enterprising, and ingenious
leader to which the Javits Center owes its namesake. Javits, a native New Yorker spent a lifetime empowered by a vision for progress. His trek from high school to the
congressional halls models what can be accomplished with grit and determination. And while forward progress was a significant motivator in his life, so was the idea of service, as demonstrated by his reach into the community. “Throughout his years of public service, he demonstrated a deep commitment to social issues by helping create the National Endowment for the Arts and sponsoring the 1973 War Powers Act.” And the current Javits Center stands not only in his memorial but as an extension of the late and honorable senator’s passions, hopes, and dreams.

Heart of Operations

The Javits Conventional Center operates under the NYCCOC (The New York Convention Center Operating Corporation), which is commissioned to be a body that exists to serve New York citizens. The mission of the New York Convention Center Corporation is to meet the citizen’s needs by creating entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. And the Javits Center stands as an infrastructure designed for this specific purpose. Javits has over 850,000 square feet of exhibition space. And it serves as the host of some of the city’s most notable and signature events. The center is serviced by a top-tier staff of professionals whose dedication to ensuring that all venue offerings are top-notch is bar none. Such exemplary service is reflective of the driving purpose to do and offer no less than excellence. The Javits Center employs thousands of experienced event and construction professionals dedicated to coordinating and constructing events with major brands from around the world, generating waves of economic activity across the region. And due to that standard of excellence in service and offerings, Javits has successfully served as a host for almost 40,000 enterprises.  

Event Offerings

Throughout the year, Javits hosts a myriad of events, from conventions to expos. It is
known for hosting over 100 trade shows each year. “It is also touted as one of the
busiest convention centers in the United States.” The center has hosted events such as
the NYCC (New York Comic Con), New York International Auto Show, AI Summit New York, New York National Boat Show, Coffee Fest, International Beauty Show, World Floral Expo, and Toy Fair New York, to name a few. And it continues to host robust offerings throughout the year, making adding it an essential stopping point during one’s stay a must.


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