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The Javits Center, a tribute to the esteemed New Yorker Senator and Congressman Jacob K. Javits, welcomed its first visitors in the splendid year of 1986. Its magnificent and expansive structure not only graces the city’s skyline but also embodies a grander vision. The Javits Center stands as a beacon of progress and a bastion of support, serving as a rendezvous point for endeavors that drive the creation of a radiant and promising future for the Empire State. This self-sustaining icon of New York has seamlessly transformed into a haven for wildlife, a valued member of the local community, and a crossroads of innovation where the cutting-edge worlds of commerce and popular culture converge beneath a lush, green canopy.

In this remarkable transformation, it has evolved into the envisioned extension of itself, wholeheartedly dedicated to fulfilling the greater mission of playing a pivotal role in the reawakening and resurgence of the magnificent city of New York.

Who is Jacob K. Javits?

Jacob K. Javits, the distinguished, enterprising, and visionary leader, is the inspirational figure to whom the Javits Center owes its illustrious name. A true New York native, Javits dedicated his life to a relentless pursuit of progress. His journey, from humble beginnings to the hallowed halls of Congress, serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through unwavering determination and resilience. However, his driving force extended beyond personal advancement; it was equally rooted in the profound concept of service, as evidenced by his deep community involvement.

“Throughout his illustrious years of public service, he exhibited an unwavering commitment to pressing societal issues, contributing to the establishment of the National Endowment for the Arts and championing the 1973 War Powers Act.” The current Javits Center not only bears his name in honor but also serves as a tangible extension of the late and revered senator’s passions, aspirations, and dreams.

Empowering New York's Excellence and Prosperity

The Javits Convention Center, operating under the esteemed NYCCOC (New York Convention Center Operating Corporation), stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to serve the people of New York. This Corporation’s overarching mission is nothing short of remarkable: to fulfill the needs of its citizens by crafting opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment, and at the heart of this mission lies the Javits Center, purpose-built for this noble cause.

With a sprawling expanse that spans over 850,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Javits Center serves as the proud host of some of the most iconic and eagerly anticipated events in the city’s calendar. The venue is graced by an exceptional team of professionals, individuals driven by an unwavering dedication to ensuring that every facet of their offerings reaches the zenith of excellence. This level of service excellence is a true reflection of their unwavering commitment to delivering nothing short of the absolute best.

The Javits Center is not merely a venue; it is an economic powerhouse in its own right. Employing a multitude of seasoned event and construction experts, this institution is dedicated to orchestrating and creating events of grandeur, partnering with major global brands, and thereby igniting a torrent of economic vitality throughout the region. As a testament to its stellar service and offerings, the Javits Center has proudly hosted nearly 40,000 enterprises, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of success and excellence.

Javits Center: Where Every Event is a Spectacle

Year-round, the Javits Center plays host to a dazzling array of events, ranging from conventions to expos, creating an electrifying tapestry of experiences. It has garnered a reputation as the proud home of over 100 annual trade shows, firmly establishing itself as one of the most bustling convention centers across the entire United States.

This illustrious venue has set the stage for a diverse array of gatherings, including the renowned New York Comic Con (NYCC), the prestigious New York International Auto Show, the cutting-edge AI Summit New York, the captivating New York National Boat Show, the aromatic and invigorating Coffee Fest, the captivating International Beauty Show, the vibrant World Floral Expo, and the enchanting Toy Fair New York, among many others.

With an unwavering commitment to a year-round calendar brimming with compelling events, the Javits Center beckons as an indispensable destination during your visit, ensuring that it remains an essential point of interest for those seeking unforgettable experiences.

Seamless Access to Javits Center: A Harmonious Stay at Harmony Suites

When you choose to stay at our exquisite Harmony Suites, you’re in for a treat because the illustrious Javits Center is just a stone’s throw away, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Right outside our enchanting property, you’ll find the Exclusive Bus Line’s #320, a swift and hassle-free express service that whisks you directly to the bustling heart of the city, Port Authority / Times Square, in a mere 7-10 minutes, effortlessly sidestepping all the urban traffic chaos. And the cost? A mere $4.50 each way for this convenience.

From there, a leisurely stroll of just a mile will take you to the Javits Center, a delightful walk especially on a pleasant day. Alternatively, for those who prefer the underground adventure, the #7 train is your ticket to Hudson Yards, a mere one-stop journey. From Hudson Yards, it’s a breezy 3-minute walk to reach the center.

Whether your New York trip is driven by business or leisure, a pilgrimage to the Javits Center is a must-add to your itinerary. And the prime location of our splendid property presents you with the perfect opportunity to seize this experience. So, make your vacation an unforgettable dream by choosing Harmony Suites for your stay and relishing a visit to the illustrious Jacob Javits Convention Center.